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DEMOCRATS - Have double-standards

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HAVING IT BOTH WAYS - Obama today talks about getting tough on entitlements, yet his budget shows no signs of cuts. Also he says he is unwilling to work on negotiating bipartisan budget cuts. Hypocrisy Reigns as usual!

FICKLE LIBERALS - Liberals demanded reparations be paid to Moammar when Reagan pounded his compound with bombs. Now Liberals are bombing his compound themselves. Priceless!

STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH 3.0 - Great Speech Mr. President, unfortunately, your actions the last three years speak much louder than your words tonight!

WAS ACTUALLY FOR THE SEQUESTER - before he decided he was against it!

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OBAMA INCITING VIOLENCE - “I’ll put Mr. Burgess up against Sean Hannity. He’ll tear him up.”